Wiring Services

If power supply is the heart of your building’s electrical system, electrical wiring is the circulatory and nervous system that connects everything.

electrical wiringCustomers contact us most often for:

  • New construction and additions.
  • Troubleshooting and code violation corrections.
  • Home rewiring and business rewiring.

We do wiring for:

  • Power – 110 & 220 shared and dedicated circuits.
  • Safety – bathroom, kitchen and other water-using locations that need GFI or GFCI outlets; emergency exit signs & lighting.
  • Communication – phone, TV, data network Cat5 & Cat6, and intercom needs.
  • Convenience & Comfort – additional plugs and switches for easier access and control.

Call Sidco Electric at 323-857-1566 when you need information about wiring or an estimate. We’re ready to get you wired for power, sound, lights, alarms, communication, or whatever else is on your mind.


Sidco Electric

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